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To Midwife (verb): meaning: to bring into being
Midwife (noun): the original, authentic full- spectrum maternity, birth and well-woman care provider; currently experiencing a renaissance in the United States and widely respected in all societies worldwide for playing a caring, knowledge-sharing role in pivotal moments of familial growth and maternal health.

Licensed Midwife: A designation of Licensure through the Medical Board of California, earned through extensive education and training, to provide primary care for prenatal, labor, birth, postpartum and well-baby to 6 weeks postpartum.

Clinical Care: Midwives and Doctors
Licensed Midwives provide primary maternity and well- woman care for low-risk women. That means we do prenatal visits, evaluate mom’s and baby’s vital signs, order blood work, arrange ultrasounds, do paps, and carry the necessary tools for labor and birth: fetal heart monitors (dopplers), drugs, oxygen, I.V. fluids, and suturing materials as well as standard medicines for baby. Licensed Midwives are the modern day answer to an age-old question: how can I have my baby in the safest possible way? Licensed midwives meet and exceed the criteria set by the World Health Organization for safe maternal care: a cesarean rate under 15%.

Licensed Midwives primarily attend births in homes and birth centers. We support the rights of families to choose how they grow their babies and how they give birth to them. Moms give birth in whatever position they choose. We facilitate informed consent - discussing and making available tests and procedures, but leaving the decision making to the client. We focus on nutrition and holistic health remedies rather than on pharmaceuticals whenever possible and find this is usually appreciated by the families we attend. We are health educators, women’s health advocates, clinically sound and above all, willing to be in awe of one of the most miraculous and extraordinary moments in life.

Labor Support: Midwives and Doulas
Midwives provide varying levels of labor support. We sometimes hold a client’s hand or back for hours, or sit beside her, offering words of encouragement or sips of water. “Yes, that’s it, you’re doing it.” Our main focus, though, is mom’s and baby’s clinical well-being. We are like doulas in that we are advocates for mom’s choices, and offer a steady, often quiet, faith in her ability to bring her baby into the world. However, unlike doulas, we are licensed to give clinical advice and make decisions about safety. We come with skills for facilitating normal labor/birth, carry life-saving equipment and have the education and skills to manage complications, referring and/or transferring the care to a physician and/or hospital when necessary.

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Get involved! Families have come together to ensure access to midwifery care in California. Learn more at California Families for Access to Midwifery.

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