A Toast For CAM Supporters Celebrating Our Legislative Victories!

11/09/2015 8:31 PM | Jeanette McCulloch (Administrator)

Yesterday, California Association of Midwives celebrated the successful 2015 legislative agenda at two parties - in the Bay Area and San Diego - with nearly 80 supporters. CAM President Rosanna Davis and Legislative Chair Sarah Davis shared their gratitude with the community in two toasts. Because we want the entire community to hear our thanks for YOUR efforts, we’re sharing a toast here with you:

Thank you for celebrating with us!

There is no “i” in CAM and we have many people to thank for helping to expand access to midwifery care in California, including:

• Our legislative team: Firen Jones, Jessica Johnson and Pearl Yu.

• The team at California Families for Access to Midwifery (CFAM), including Tanya Smith-Johnson, Treesa McLean, Jen Heystek, Alex Rounds, Wendy Askew, and JayVon Muhammad.

• All our clients and individual supporters. There are many, so many I don’t even know who they all are!

• Our partners in crime: Jeanette McCulloch and Katie Prown.

• Jocelyn Dugan for keeping everything running at CAM.

• CAM board: Sharon Potteiger, Jessica Johnson, Kayti Buhler, Laura Perez, Dania Shelton .

• Our donors.

• Medical Board of California for sponsoring the midwife assistant bill.

• Legislators and their aides, including: Senator Mike Morrell (R) Rancho Cucamonga) for authoring the bill; Jessica Sandin (legislative aide); Holly Mitchell (D) Los Angeles; Lois Wolk (D) Sacramento.

If you aren’t already involved at CAM, donating time and resources is fun and satisfying. Impactful work takes a village. Your resources and involvement matter. The non-profit sector is where we can really be change agents. Roll up your sleeves and donate your time.

If you are short on time, your donations are fully tax deductible. We know that’s the last reason people donate funds to CAM. The primary reasons are for alignment of values and feelings of making a difference in the world. Please support midwives and our ability to impact more families.

Midwives change lives with positive implications that last a lifetime for mothers, fathers, and children.

Our tangible thank you to CFAM today is a check for $2000 to help offset some of their operating expenses.

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