CAM Vision Statement:
All California families know about and have access to the high quality, personalized maternity care provided by midwives in the setting of their choice, including home, birth center and hospital.

All California midwives are free to practice autonomously and have access to the resources and collaboration essential to providing outstanding care to California families. 

Midwifery is thriving in California, our birth outcomes are exceptional, and hospital care improves through the modeling provided by midwifery practice. 

CAM Mission Statement:
CAM endorses evidence based care that improves outcomes, including reducing prematurity, racial disparities, infant and maternal mortality. 

CAM promotes a variety of options for childbearing families in California, including midwifery care at home, in birth centers and hospital. 

CAM supports legislative and regulatory work that increases access to midwives and birth centers for California families. 

CAM disseminates compassionate, high quality, evidence based information to childbearing families about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting. 

CAM advocates for California's midwives on behalf of childbearing families to allow for real collaboration with other medical providers and the removal of barriers to practice. 

CAM endorses a variety of routes into midwifery practice and creates educational and networking opportunities for students and midwives. 
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