Incident Report Updates

  • 04/18/2014 9:10 PM | Rosanna Davis LM CPM (Administrator)
    CAM is continuing to collect incident reports of refusal of referrals from LMs for ultrasound.  All are now being forwarded to the medical board, at their request.  Failed access to resources reporting form can be downloaded here.

    Please continue to submit reports each and every time a client is refused care from an ultrasound provider.  If the medical board doesn't hear the specifics of these situations including contact information for the provider that is refusing to provide care, it as if it didn't happen.  Therefore, the medical board cannot follow-up and help licensed midwives comply with the new legislation.

  • 02/09/2014 2:00 PM | Rosanna Davis LM CPM (Administrator)
    Just days after the conference where we announced CAM is collecting incident reports for Failed Access to Resources, CAM received two incident reports from midwives in the Central Coast of California where the only NT and level two scan provider in the area will not see clients referred by Licensed Midwives.

    The original plan was to submit these reports to the medical board at subsequent MAC meetings.  However, this seemed a timely issue so I called the medical board directly.  Although I was able to reach Curt Worden in person, he indicated he was not available in the next couple of days to address the problem.  He referred me to Natalie Lowe, Licensing Manager, where I left a message and have not heard back.

    I sent a fax with a letter to the provider pointing to the specifics of the law that state LMs can refer for ultrasounds, and informed her that the issue was being referred to the medical board.

    In one of my conversations with one of the midwives, she indicated she’d had a recent conversation with the provider.  The provider expressed concern that midwives don't carry malpractice insurance.  Her overall reason for declining referrals from midwives was related to this malpractice issue.

    Current plan is the follow up with Curt Worden next week.  Constance is going to reach out to the provider and see if some education and diplomacy can help -- hearing her concerns and seeing if a third party can bridge the gap or address her concerns.

    I’ve also asked CFAM to get involved.  Treesa Mclean is going to contact the provider this week to express concerns related to the client’s perspective.  Treesa also poignantly pointed out that the provider and the Medical Board need to hear from clients.

    Perhaps one way to coordinate this effort is to collect letters or make a petition to submit from clients to the medical board and the provider.  

    Check back here for a plan for client/consumer involvement in the coming days.

    Midwives with personal experience with this, please advise your clients to speak directly with the provider AND to inform CAM at so that we can track this, plus make a coordinated effort.

    I am reminded that change takes time.  I want clients and midwives to be treated with dignity and respect.  Let's keep our eye on the prize:  affordable access to quality care with midwives and planned homebirth.  If that means making nice with previously uncooperative individuals and providers, I say it's worth it.

    Please notice that there is a newer version of the reporting form that includes some instructions, purpose and current procedure.If you file a report please make sure that all information is complete.  Also, as frustrating and infuriating as these situations can be, try to stick to the facts.  The facts will speak for themselves, for reporting purposes.

    BTW, on a more positive note, this week I was in a hurry to order some pitocin and therefore thought I'd try getting it from Henry Shein while i had them on the phone for some other supplies.  I anticipated the order being rejected, as usual, for lack of physician supervision.  When the call came later to inform me they couldn't place the order for pitocin, I sent a fax  of the new regulation . . . and wallah!  Pitocin arrived the next day!  Pretty cool, I'd say.  And I'll be happy when expectant mothers in Central California can get the prenatal screening they desire and have a right to have.

    Will try to keep you posted on this unfolding process.

    Here for your convenience is the latest version of the incident report forms:

    Incident Report Forms -- Feb 7 2014.pdf

    --Rosanna Davis LM CPM

    CAM Vice President


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