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Call for Speaker Proposals

CAM Annual Conference

Granlibakken Resort, Tahoe City, California

September 8-11, 2016

Thank you for your interest in submitting a topic for consideration for the
CAM 2016 Conference at Granlibakken Resort, Tahoe City, California. 

If you have questions about this form or the speaker submission process,
please contact Dania Shelton via email here.

Conference Objectives. 

CAM is seeking applications for programs that are of interest to midwives in California. This year's conference will have a particular focus on postpartum care and California Midwifery -- Honoring our past, and celebrating our future.

Our mission for this conference is to provide high-quality, evidence-based continuing education that advances clinical skills, clinical judgement and professional advancement of midwifery, through experiential learning and in-person connections (and is fun in a beautiful location that facilitates learning and relaxation).

The California Association of Midwives recognizes the contribution that midwives and midwife students of color make to the improvement of infant mortality rates, prematurity rates, breastfeeding rates,and maternal mental health for families within California. We recognize the dedication midwives of color have to their clients, who often live in underserved, marginalized, and disenfranchised communities. CAM is committed to furthering the professional development of midwives and midwife students of color and, therefore, asks that presenters take into consideration how their presentation might address and/or speak to issues of improving maternity outcomes for families of color and disenfranchised communities. 

Topics Sought. 

We are seeking topics on a variety of tracks. You are welcome to submit on topics of your expertise and interest. We are particularly seeking content for the following:

Midwife track:
  • History of midwifery in California, especially the history of Native Californian, Latina, Asian and Asian American and/or Black/African American midwives in California
  • Quality care/improvement programs.  Best practices for collaboration and transfers; peer review and/or incident peer review
  • Risk management:  prevention and management of disgruntled client(s), prevention of medical board complaints, offensive charting (proactive defensive), what to expect in the event of a complaint and/or best practices for informed consent (including documentation)
  • Overview of all available prenatal screening:  CA prenatal screening program and private screening options.
  • Pelvic floor injury prevention (evidence based) and rehabilitation/healing Breastfeeding support, including tongue-tie
  • Postpartum care, including but not limited to prevention and screening of perinatal mood disorders, nutrition support, and social support that supports physiological healing
  • Comprehensive newborn exam (including critical congenital heart defect screening)
  • Well woman care, including the latest screening tools, (i.e. for vaginitis and STIs)
  • Miscellaneous Perinatal care:  prevention of preterm labor, hormonal physiology of childbearing, IV training, the microbiome, and/or prevention and management of postpartum hemorrhage in the out-of-hospital setting.  
  • Medi-Cal provider enrollment, process and requirements
  • How to start a birth center and/or license a birth center in California
  • Cultural sensitivity/humility/awareness that reflects the religious and cultural diversity of California
Doula track: 
  • Birth and/or Postpartum doula training
  • Belly binding, placenta encapsulation, communications skills for doulas, common interventions/medical assistance. Supporting the newborn's parents in their own emergence and process
Student Midwives and newly licensed midwives:
  • Business skills and practical tools, including but not limited to:  insurance billing, starting a practice in California, how to facilitate social security number applications for newborns, California birth registration process, EDD/medical and family leave, opening lab accounts, making medical referrals
  • How to become a licensed midwife in California (for new and/or experienced midwives)
  • How to find a preceptor, discussion of clinical sites/practices approved by the Medical Board of California, NARM and MEAC.  
Parent track:

Tongue tie, prevention and healing strategies for postpartum depression and anxiety, nutrition for children, grief/infant loss, VBAC facts, elimination communication (diapering), baby sign language, baby-led weaning, feeding your family/kitchen skills (fermentation, yogurt making, bone broth, etc.), making your own cleaning products and or body care products

How to be the parent you want to be, mindfulness parenting, positive discipline for learning and/or other parenting content.

IBCLC track:
  • Topics of interest for IBCLCs and breastfeeding supporters


  • All speakers will receive complimentary registration for the full conference (not including room and board).
  • The CAM conference is a volunteer- and mission-driven event to benefit access to quality maternity care in California. No additional speaker fees will be made available for the conference.
  • Limited transportation grants are available. Please contact Jocelyn Dugan via email here for details.

Submission Requirements.

  • All applications must be complete. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • Submission does not guarantee participation in the program.
  • Please complete a separate application for each presentation.

Speaker Guidelines.

The CAM conference is largely volunteer driven and relies on your assistance to ensure it runs smoothly. Be sure to complete all steps in the process and respond to all messages from conference volunteers or coordinators in order to remain a part of the speaking program. If you are selected to present your concurrent session, you agree to not present this topic to any other midwifery organization in California or Nevada within three (3) months prior to or after this conference.

Do not use a CAM conference session to promote a product, service, or other monetary self-interest.

PowerPoint slides are preferred for assisting your presentation (to facilitate visual learning styles).  Submit your PowerPoint presentation with your handouts by the August 14th deadline.

CAM reserves the right to make scheduling changes, edit program titles, descriptions, and speaker bios for promotional materials or conference materials.

Speakers are expected to check in at the registration desk the day of arrival and/or speaking day and to check into their session/workshop 30 minutes before workshop begins.

Application Process.

  1. Submit online, due by February 15st
  2. Proposals will be reviewed and approved by the CAM program committee with subsequent decisions completed and an invitation to speak sent via email by March 1st
  3. Subsequently invitees with be asked to complete the following information, due March 14th:
    1. Headshot
    2. Signed speaker agreement
    3. CEU application/forms (including objectives and references)
    4. Audiovisual needs (i.e. screen, TV monitor, audio equipment, and Wifi)
  4. Provide PowerPoint slides and handouts, by August 14th
    • CAM will provide copy services for handouts, if provided by August 14th.
    • Otherwise, speakers will be responsible for their own copying after August 14th.


Thank you!

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