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2014 CAM Conference Frequently Asked Questions

*Conference Registration ENDS Thursday, January 30th, 2014.*

1.  Can I attend the event if I'm not a member of CAM? 
The conference is open to all CAM members. Individuals may renew membership or join during the conference registration process through the CAM website. **If you need support to renew your membership, please send an email to secretary@californiamidwives.org.**

2.  I have signed up for on-line streaming. How will I gain access on the day of the conference?
The day before the conference all registered attendees will receive an email with a link and instructions.

3.  I don't have a computer, can I watch on my iPad or other mobile device?
Yes, but you will need a special app to do so. Click here to visit WebEx, then download and install the free app.

4.  Can I watch the conference later? I'm worried I may have to attend a birth that day.
Yes, once the recording is ready (within 24hrs of the conference) we will share a new link with you allowing you to access the recording of the conference. The recorded video will only be available until March 1st.

5.  How long do I need to wait after the conference is over before viewing the recording? 
Within 24 hours of the conference.

6.  Once I begin watching the recording of the conference, will I be able to stop and resume?
Yes, you can pause, resume, fast forward and rewind.

7. Can I earn CEUs for attending the conference in-person, live-stream or watching the recording after the conference? And how many CEUs are offered?
Yes, you can earn CEUs for any of various methods of participation. It is estimated to be about 6 to 8 for the entire conference, about one CEU per hour.

If you still have a question that needs to be answered, please send it to secretary@californiamidwives.org.

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