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The California Association of Midwives seeks to:

Increase access to quality, affordable maternity care by changing the outdated law that currently requires physician supervision. This will enable licensed midwives to have functional working relationships with doctors, and accept Medi-Cal payment for home birth and freestanding birth centers.

CAM officers strategizing with our lobbyists while our youngest midwifery advocate has lunch on the Capitol steps.

California Association of Midwives 2013 Legislative Agenda
  • Change the working relationship between licensed midwives and physicians and surgeons, which is currently a supervisory relationship.
  • Authorize licensed midwives to obtain and administer drugs, devices and diagnostic tests relevant to the practice of midwifery.
  • Add licensed midwives as providers at state licensed alternative birth centers.
  • Add certified nurse-midwives as supervisors for students obtaining their supervised clinical training in midwifery.
  • Change the form used for the Licensed Midwife Annual Report to the Annual Summary Report generated from the MANA statistics project.
  • Provide legal protection for midwife assistants by clarifying their role.
California Association of Midwives 2013 Regulatory Agenda
  • Authorize licensed midwives as California Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) providers.
  • Create a system to allow the requirement for licensed midwives to carry malpractice insurance in order to contract with Medi-Cal (including Medi-Cal managed care plans) to be waived for licensed midwives who attend out-of-hospital births.

Get involved:
  • Do you know medical professionals who support independent practice for licensed midwives? Forward this petition.
  • Do you know medical professionals who used the services of licensed midwives for their own births? Forward this petition.
  • Were you unable to plan an out-of-hospital birth because licensed midwives are unable to take Medi-Cal? Know someone in this situation? Fill out this form, and sign this petition.
  • If you've used midwifery care, and want to contact your legislators in a quick and easy way, follow this link to have a postcard sent to your state legislators.
  • Click here for a list of key legislators and for a link and instructions for how to look up your own state senator and assembly member.
  • Click here to listen to a recording of the legislative update on 02/19/13.
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