The California Association of Midwives is a not-for-profit organization which was formed to serve midwives who were serving the home birth population in California.  The purpose of CAM was originally to communicate with each other in order to

  • further our own education

  • educate the public regarding the alternative of home birth with a midwife

  • change and maintain midwives’ legal status

After many years and a lot of heavy lifting, CAM was instrumental in the passage of The Licensed Midwifery Practice Act of 1993, providing legalization of midwives practicing in out-of-hospital settings, and serving the care needs of women and families.


Today, CAM continues to be a hub of collaboration on projects and communication with the Medical Board of California and the Midwifery Advisory Council, Medi-Cal and other insurers, the Certified Nurse Midwives Association. Self-Education, Documentation, Peer Review, and Legislative Efforts continue to be of paramount importance to CAM as we move through changing opportunities in technology, medical science, and the law. 

Regionally, CAM strives to be a source of community for midwives, who are more often than not, independent and sure-footed yet often separated by distance and a job that calls us to great challenge and great reward, requiring great alliance with one another.

Currently, the LMPA is in transition.  After the passage of AB1308, there is more heavy lifting to be done in hammering out a revised set of regulations for midwives.  CAM continues to collaborate with other stakeholders in the changing Standards of Care, now called Guidelines, and in creating the interim forms of guidance for midwifery practice until formal Standards or Guidelines are created.  See the Interim Guidelines, as posted on the Medical Board of California website.  

CAM welcomes your membership, involvement, and/or support.  We are a body of women serving women, and we enjoy and rely on the contributions, talents, and open hearts of our members.  We have come this far thanks to the many women who stood tall and worked hard for their babies and their rights.  We have many dreams yet to come and look forward to each and every woman’s fulfillment in this process.

The best way to get involved and have your voice heard is by attending CAM regional meetings and being a member so that you can receive news and updates about legislative efforts and practice issues.

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