New! Now you can support two organizations, 

both focused on increasing access to safe affordable care with licensed midwives in California.

CAM and CALM are sister organizations with distinct focus working together to protect and educate about the midwifery model of care for California families

Families, allied health care providers, and anyone who supports licensed midwives in California - join California Association of Midwives (CAM) today! 

CAM's mission is educating California families and increasing access to patient-centered, evidence-based midwifery care. 

CAM's vision: transforming communities one birth at a time through improved birth outcomes, lowered healthcare costs and patient centered healthcare.

Licensed midwives - the California Association of Licensed Midwives (CALM) is here for you! CALM attends to the professional, legislative, and policy needs of California Licensed Midwives. 

CALM's mission is to value and strengthen the profession of California licensed midwives through advocacy and training. 

CALM's vision: California LMs are visible, integrated into California's health care system, accessible and valued providers of maternity care throughout California.

Photo Credit: OC Midwifery

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