Assemblywoman Bonilla Affirms Commitment to Midwives!

06/26/2013 7:32 AM | Sarah Davis (Administrator)
Updates from CAM's week at the capitol:

• CAM has Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla’s confirmation that favorable amendments are to be made to AB1308 in the Senate Business and Professions committee hearing on Monday, July 1.

• Assemblywoman Bonilla, author of AB 1308, has graciously accepted an invitation to speak at the California Families for Access to Midwives’ rally to be held at the State Capital on Monday july 1st

• CAM is assured that current language referring to physician supervision and rewriting our standards of care will be removed from the amendments to AB 1308.

• AB 1308 will not move forward with anything in it that will hurt midwives.

• No matter how this bill may change there is one message that is unchanging throughout that can be used in any phone call or letter written – removal of physician supervision.

• This legislation isn’t finished being written. Progress happens bit-by-bit and amendments are made in committee in an ongoing basis. While there are no short-cuts, your support is vital to our success.

• CAM president, Constance Rock, and vice president, Sara Davis, are in Sacramento now working feverishly with state legislators, lobbyists, midwives and f to move this legislation along. It is intense and exhausting work, but it is paying off.

•The impact of constituent’s phone calls on the legislative offices can’t be overstated. Encourage your clients to call their state senator and assembly member to ask for removal of physician supervision for licensed midwives.

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