Positive amendments to AB1308, but further amendments still needed to remove physician supervision

06/14/2013 10:24 AM | Sarah Davis (Administrator)
The Assembly bill regarding licensed midwifery, AB 1308 by Susan Bonilla, was amended yesterday. These amendments are one step toward the achievement of our legislative goals this year, but not the final step. While CAM officers have worked hard for these amendments, which will decrease barriers to safe care, and increase access to licensed midwives for California families, CAM is continuing to push for the most important amendment to the bill: removing the physician supervision requirement and all reference to creating standards of care defining physician supervision.

The June 13th amendments:
  • Add the term "drugs", therefore authorizing licensed midwives to directly "obtain and administer drugs and diagnostic tests" that are necessary to midwifery practice.
  • Clarify that a midwife does not need to identify a specific physician and surgeon in her/his licensed midwife disclosure to clients regarding referral for complications.
  • Add licensed midwives as providers to the licensing law for alternative birth centers.  Only CNMs and physicians can currently attend births at licensed alternative birth centers, which impacts access to midwives for many families.
  • Reflect the name change of the organization the American Association of Birth Centers, formerly known as the National Association of Childbearing Centers.
See AB1308 here: http://leginfo.ca.gov/pub/13-14/bill/asm/ab_1301-1350/ab_1308_bill_20130613_amended_sen_v97.pdf

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