Midwifery Advisory Council 

Carrie Sparrevohn, LM - Chair    Email

Tosi Marceline, LM

Karen Ehrlich, LM      Email

James Byrne, M.D.

Monique Webster

Barbara Yaroslavsky

The next meeting date, along with the agenda and materials to be used at the meeting as well as minutes of past meetings, can be found this link on the Medical Board website. You can also check the calendar to the left for the next meeting.

Midwifery Advisory Council Role, Responsibility, Mission and Vision Statement


The Midwifery Advisory Council shall meet in public not less than four times a year to discuss topics of importance related to the practice of midwifery in order to make recommendations to and advise the Division of Licensing.


The Midwifery Advisory Council shall provide ongoing sound and reliable expert advice to the Division of Licensing to facilitate the safe and sound practice of midwifery including the development and ongoing maintenance of a coding system for gathering annual practice data of licensed midwives in California.


To protect the healthcare consumer by assisting the Division of Licensing in developing appropriate standards for licensing, standards of care, and regulation of the practice of midwifery.


In promoting the Medical Board of California's consumer protection interests, the Midwifery Advisory Council will provide ongoing sound and reliable expert advice in serving as a vehicle for further positive discussion on the practice of midwifery and homebirths in the state of California.

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