AB1308 specifically allows California licensed midwives to order medications appropriate for scope of practice, to open lab accounts, make ultrasound referrals and interpret results.  There continues to be isolated incidents of companies and individuals that are not completing midwife purchases for medications or refusing care or ultrasounds to women seeing licensed midwives for care.  CAM wants to hear about any such difficulties LMs and their clients are having complying with the new legislation, in order to attempt to resolve these failures of access to resources.

CAM is continuing to collect incident reports for refusal of referrals from LMs for ultrasound and/or not being able to obtain medications.   Download Report Form Here.  Speaking to vendors with a collective voice seems to be helpful.  If you would like CAM to advocate for you in such a situation, please submit reports with details so that we can follow-up for you.

Please continue to submit reports each and every time a client is refused care by a provider.  If the Medical Board, the MAC and/or CAM don't hear the specifics of these situations, it as if it didn't happen and we can't work together to resolve things. 

Update 2015 -- access to ultrasound services:  some regions of California and individual ultrasound services continue to refuse client self referrals and midwife referrals for ultrasound services.  While AB1308 authorized LMs to make such referrals and interpret the results, it did not require indivudal care providers and/or ultrasound services to take such referrals.  Please continue to report so we can keep a pulse on the issues around this in California, but know that we don't currently have a solution in place or any recourse.

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