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The California Midwives 2012 Conference Coming Together - Expanding our Vision
May 5th, 2012 :  International Day of the Midwife

Saturday, May 5th, International Day of the Midwife 
The California Association of Midwives is proud to bring you a brand new type of conference.  This is a multi-location event with live streaming video. Our main event in Los Angeles and will stream to several satellite events throughout the state.

This conference is designed so midwives can easily attend, with minimal travel, while remaining on call for clients.  

Click here for the conference website!

Conference Schedule

9:00-10:30am 1st Session

Obstetrical Emergencies –Recognition and Stabilization during Transport, Stuart Fischbein, OB,GYN 

Topics include placental abruption, HELLP in labor, eclampsia in labor, amniotic fluid embolism and uterine rupture. This class is designed to empower entry-level to senior midwives in the management of obstetrical emergencies in out-of-hospital birth. Student midwives will find this class valuable for their studies.

10:30-11:00am Tea Break/Vendors

11:00am -12:30pm 2nd Session

Resolving Third Stage Complications, Kerin Asher, CNM

This class focuses on the management of retained placenta with postpartum hemorrhage and manual removal. How these complications are managed in home and hospital settings will be discussed. This session is designed for midwives, students and nurses working in L&D.

12:30-2:10pm Lunch/General Meeting

  •   Bruce Ackermann to discuss MANA stats
  •   Haize Hawke – International Day of the Midwife 
  •   Brazen Woman Award

2:15-3:30pm 3rd Session 

Regulation Panel, Karen Ehrlich, LM, Janelle Lucido-Conate, student advocate, Constance Rock, LM, Tanya Khemet, LM, Faith Gibson, LM and Carrie Sparrevohn, LM. 

This is a mediated panel on midwifery history and legislation. The intention is to clarify current regulation as well as identifying areas needing action. This class is designed for anyone who is a Licensed Midwife, works with a Licensed Midwife, is the student of a Licensed Midwife or is interested in becoming a Licensed Midwife. All are welcome.

3:30–4:00pm Tea Break/Vendors

4:00-4:50pm 4th Session 

Igniting the Revolution Within: A Sex-Positive Approach for Post-Partum Healing, Pati Garcia, CSB

This workshop addresses birth trauma (either vaginal or cesarean) to promote deeper healing of scar tissue and prepare women for better outcomes with subsequent births. This session is for midwives, students, doulas, childbirth educators or anyone working with postpartum women.

5:00-5:50pm 5th Session 

Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Mary Jackson, LM 

This workshop addresses cutting edge research about imprints that occur around the time of conception, pregnancy and birth, and how they affect us throughout the rest of our lives, and what it takes to heal from challenges in these experiences. 

6:00 –7:30pm Dinner on your own

Evening events with music, food, dancing and movies for families and birth professionals will be held in San Diego, Los Angeles, Grass Valley, Santa Rosa and Humboldt.  Details will be posted soon, so please check back often!

Please email Constance Rock or Jocelyn Dugan with questions regarding the conference.

Region 1 
373 Indianola Road
Bayside, CA 95524

Region 2
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Region 3 and 7
10000 Skyline Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94619

Region 4 and 5 
151 Mill Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Region 8 and 9 
Bini Birth
5355 Cartwright Ave Unit 313
North Hollywood, CA  91601

Region 10
Center for Natural Birth & Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery
4135 54th Place
San Diego, CA 92105


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